Objective only “parallel economy, counterfeit currency in circulation and terror financing”
Demonetisation has been a radical, unprecedented step with short term costs and long term benefitsbut in organized sector only. The liquidity squeeze was less severe than suggested by the headlines and has been easing since end-December 2016. A number of follow-up actions would minimize the costs and maximise the benefits of demonetization but in real world effect we can not count because market is unorganized . These include: fast, demand-driven, remonetisation; further tax reforms, including bringing land and real estate into the GST, reducing tax rates (but actual is increasing because market instability)  and stamp duties; and acting to allay anxieties about over-zealous tax administration. These actions would allow growth to return to trend in 2017-18, following a temporary decline in 2016-17”
As per RBI’s latest annual report, Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 denominations account for over 86% of the total Rs 16.42 lakh crore value of bank notes in circulation as on March 31, 2016. With almost 80% of the economy estimated to be a cash economy, the decision is likely to be quite disruptive in the short-term and long term(disaster), However, it has also hit the livelihood and savings of neighbourhood vegetable vendors who borrow overnight funds from moneylenders, kirana stores, small traders and even the labour class, cash constitutes only 4% of the total amount of black money on which taxes are not being paid  , in all stages govt not doing very well because people feel hurting with decision after 4-5 month’s govt institution lose our dignity in this govt market are collapse (locale) ,govt create land lord in different form, all objective is only show off with people because economic survey said we don’t have any unorganized sector data so we can’t release economic survey vol-2 now(feb 2017) but actual demonetization effect’s on unorganized sector like-fish market, Friday market, kirana shop, home based firm, MSME sector etc productivity is zero during the demonetization  
+    The major criticism of the ban is that 70-80% of people have no bank accounts and hence are in      distress. But the facts represent different picture. According to official figures, more than 25 crore Jan-Dhan accounts have been opened and nearly 20 crore ‘Rupay’ debit cards have also been issued.
+ lack of banking facilities for the poor and those living in isolated villages, particularly in north east, hilly and tribal areas.
+In addition, a vast network of more than 1,50,000 post offices are spread across the length and breadth of the country. Most of these post offices have at least one computer terminal installed.
+ cyber security as the Centre pitches for turning the country into a less-cash economy, stressing more on digital transactions but now we do not  have any strict cyber law and also network issues and linkages issues
+ New Evidence on Weak Targeting of Social Programs Welfare spending in India suffers from misallocation: the districts with the most poor are the ones that suffer from the greatest shortfall of funds in social programs. The districts accounting for the poorest 40% receive 29% of the total funding.
+ no proper management by bank that’s why people are dyeing( longer queue) no guideline on this issues by bank or govt   
 Why do?
Because solve the NPA issues ,now most of the bank under the facing NPA specially govt sector bank
That’s why govt do and wave off the loan of company like (v.malliya )
The RBI  loss of autonomy?
The initial suggestion to demonetize Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 currency notes came from the government. It then advised RBI to take the call on demonetization and the RBI board signed off on it before the public announcement. Thereafter, RBI came under lot of flak by accepting government’s decision of demonetisation.Its role in the decision making process and its preparedness came under question with the central bank putting out at least 60 notifications in the first 50 days, some often reversing earlier decisions.Later, there was protest from the RBI Union on operational "mismanagement" in the exercise and Government impinging its autonomy by appointing an official for currency coordination. There  mentioned RBI Act 1934 which empowers RBI to regulate the issue of bank notesbut decision taken by govt of modi and hence needs no interference from the government.This made the Ministry of finance release a statement saying“the government fully respects the independence and autonomy of the Reserve Bank of India”. The employees unions represent the masses and hence they were assured that RBI is independent.but actually RBI work under the finance ministry

Result of demonetization
+ day by day in J&K  and also other state like north-east  insurgency  is increased by non state actor in support of govt  in J&K 
+ now RBI will report on sep2017 how we collect over money because they doesn’t know how it’s possible and why? May be collect 2lakh crore extra
+ in bank level create new type of corruption by BJP leader in( Madhiye Pradesh )MILLI BHAGAT WITH BANK AND BJP LEADER)
+govt not to do anything in outdoor  black money  round tripping and crypto currency  and inner black money in gold diamond’ land sector ‘s
+creating two type of 500 notes by RBI or BJPthen how people indentify which one by RBI and which one by BJP and all….(issues in parliament now happing )
Interestingly, two RBI officials were themselves arrested in Bengaluru on 17 December by CBI for allegedly distributing Rs2,000 and Rs100 notes beyond the stipulated amount of Rs4,000 per person per day.” News report by the live mint
So we can say that this is biggest scam by BJP leader in state …. Decision was very bad that’s why govt and RBI both are silent even we hadn’t achieve any goal, those are our objective above  


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